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Enquiry for plate heat exchangers

Heat exchangers do not have labels stating their capacity in kW. Heat load in kW is always calculated for a given project: it depends on the temperatures and media used. Therefore, it is advisable to send us the parameters as used in your project and we will choose the optimal exchanger for you.

You can perform an approximate calculation of the water/water exchanger yourself by entering the temperatures into the online form. The SWEP calculation program is not freely accessible: if you send us your input parameters via e-mail, we will provide you with our best design for the plate heat exchanger.

Available are standard heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators and also special types. We recommend having the heat exchanger designed in the calculation program directly for your project.

We will perform a professional calculation and the specialised software will calculate the required heat exchange area and select the optimal exchanger with regard to price, hydraulic losses and availability.

What parameters should you send for the calculation?

If you need to calculate a suitable plate heat exchanger size, it is advisable to provide:
  • transmitted power in kW,
  • primary circuit temperatures T1/T2 °C,
  • secondary circuit temperatures T3/T4 °C,
  • (optional) max. pressure losses dp1 in kPa,
  • (optional) max. pressure losses dp2 in kPa,
  • alternatively the flow rate q1 or q2 instead of one of the temperatures T1, T2,
  • media (e.g. water, oil, ethylene glycol 30%).
Online calculation software for water/water BPHE

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Heat exchanger inquiry
Let you fill parameters which are known or given

Ordering of plate heat exchangers:

We deliver only to the EU. Prices of the most frequently used plate heat exchangers can be found here. Approximate performances of more common heat exchangers are in the table.

We calculate the best plate heat exchangers for you and we will then design the optimal type with regard to your project.

We usually deliver common exchangers within one week from order. Special and customer units have to be manufactured and delivery time is approx. 5 to 6 weeks.

Placing an order by email:

E-mail address:, or

You can then either order a heat exchanger designed by us, or you can choose the type of heat exchanger yourself. In the order (either in the e-mail text or as an attachment), state the invoicing data (such as contact details, company name, company registration number, VAT number), delivery address and telephone contact for the driver. We will then confirm your order and provide payment terms to agree to.

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