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Online calculator of water/water BPHE

Heat exchangers do not have labels stating their capacity in kW. Capacity is always calculated for a given project: it depends on the temperatures and media used. You can learn more in the article about heat load.

This online selection software is presented as a simple calculation of a heat exchanger for heating. It is a simplified version of the original SSP SWEP software. The inputs are the required heat load and the designed temperatures. The output is the number of plates of the selected model. Can also be used to estimate BPHE model for a cooler. The online calculator of oil cooler is on the website of the gasketed heat exchangers.

The exchanger does not have enough capacity (choose a larger model)
The exchanger has large pressure losses (choose larger model)
The flow is too high, the exchanger is unsuitable (choose a larger model)
Capacity has to be between 0.1 and
has to be between 0 and 130 °C
T1 has to be warmer than T2
T3 has to be cooler than T4
T2 has to be warmer than T3
T1 has to warmer than T4
Online calculator for water/water BPHE
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  • The online program works with a basic range of heat exchangers.
  • The output (i.e. BPHE model and required number of plates) is indicative and does not serve as a design.
  • The program does not display the required number of plates, but selects an item close to the commonly available stock.
  • Pressure drop of 10 kPa corresponds to 1 meter of water column.
  • If one of the media is glycol 30%, it is usually necessary to increase the number of plates by 20%.

Inputs for calculation

Let you send us request for heat exchanger design. Heat exchanger manufacturers provide software that calculates the heat exchange area of the exchanger from the inputs (capacity, media, temperature). Each type (e.g. SWEP B8TH, B26H, B120) of the exchanger is available with a different number of plates (10, 20, 30, ...). The program uses the calculated heat transfer area to make design of heat exchangers of different types. The calculated heat exchangers are sorted according to price and pressure losses and an exchanger suitable for the given project is selected.

To calculate the size of the plate heat exchanger, it is advisable to provide:

  • transmitted power (capacity) (e.g. 150 kW);
  • media (glycol, wort, oil, steam, ...);
  • primary circuit temperatures T1 and T2 (e. g. 90 and 70 °C);
  • secondary circuit temperatures T3 and T4 (e. g. 60 and 80 °C);
  • alternatively the flow q1 instead of any of the temperatures T1, T2;
  • or require max. pressure losses dp1, dp2 (eg 50 kPa).
Inputs for heat exchanger calculation

The SWEP calculation program is not freely available: if you send us the input parameters, we will provide you with the design of the plate heat exchanger.