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Price list of plate heat exchangers

Prices of the most commonly used stainless steel plate heat exchangers. Let you use online calculator to determine appropriate size of water/water BPHE unit. Indicative capacities of more common SWEP heat exchangers are listed in the table.

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Prices of plate heat exchangers (prices of other models on request). All prices are shown without VAT. We usually deliver commonly used units within one week. Special and custom units are usually manufactured and delivered in 5 weeks from order. We provide quantity and customer discounts.

Size E5, B5

[2–40 kW] The compact plate heat exchanger SWEP E5 (E5T, E5TH, E5AS, IC5) is extremely efficient and thus price-wise. Also the start and end plates participate in the heat exchange. Used in gas boilers for domestic hot water heating (DHW) or for solar heating systems. This exchanger is short and therefore has very small pressure losses. Serves as a replacement for Alfa Laval CB10, Alfa Laval CB14, Regulus DV193.

Heat exchanger E5 Plates count EUR|GBP
E5THx12 12 plates 38 €
E5THx14 14 plates 40 €
E5THx14 14 plates 64 €
E5THx20 20 plates 68 €
E5THx30 30 plates 80 €
E5THx40 40 plates 92 €
E5ASx34 34 plates 79 €

Size E6

[5–50 kW] The compact SWEP E6 (E6T, E6TH) heat exchanger is extremely efficient and thus cost-effective: the front and rear plates provide stability and at the same time participate in heat exchange. Designed primarily for gas boilers (water heating, drinking water). Also suitable for solar collectors. Replacement for Regulus DV285, Alfa Laval CB16.

Heat exchanger E6 Plates count EUR|GBP
E6THx12 12 plates 39 €
E6THx14 14 plates 39 €
E6THx16 16 plates 40 €
E6THx30 30 plates 84 €
E6THx40 40 plates 96 €


[10–80 kW] The compact heat exchanger SWEP E8 (E8T, E8TH, IC8, IC8T, IC8TH) is used in some suspended condensing gas boilers. It is often an economical option instead of the more expensive version of SWEP B8. For solar systems or as a separating heat exchanger. Variants E8AS and E8LAS are designed mainly for DHW (domestic hot water): they have an asymmetrical arrangement of channels and thus achieve lower pressure losses for these applications. Also suitable as wort chiller. Replacement for Danfoss XB 05.

Heat exchanger E8 Plates count EUR|GBP
E8THx20 20 plates 92 €
E8THx30 30 plates 112 €
E8THx40 40 plates 130 €
E8ASx20 20 plates 92 €
E8ASx30 30 plates 112 €
E8ASx42 42 plates 132 €
E8LASx20 20 plates 92 €
E8LASx30 30 plates 112 €
E8LASx40 40 plates 130 €


The SWEP B5 (B5T, B5TH) heat exchanger is used for small capacities in applications where space is tight. Also ideal as a water or oil cooler. In many applications, it can be fully replaced by the cheaper SWEP E5. Replacement for Alfa Laval AC16, PWO.

Heat exchanger B5T Plates count EUR|GBP
B5THx20 20 plates 100 €
B5THx30 30 plates 116 €

Alfa Laval CB18

The SWEP B8 (B8T, B8TH) heat exchanger has small dimensions and is designed for smaller flows/capacities. It is easy to install and makes it universal for many water/water applications: heating (residentail units), small heaters (water/water), coolers, etc. It is built for high pressures and the asymmetric variant B8LAS (B8LASH) is suitable as a plate heat exchanger for heat pumps (condenser, evaporator). It is a replacement for Alfa Laval CB18, AC18, AC30, Danfoss XB 04, Danfoss XB 06, PWO. In many applications, it can be fully replaced by the cheaper SWEP E8.

Plate heat exchanger B8T Plates count EUR|GBP
B8THx20 20 plates 132 €
B8THx30 30 plates 150 €
B8THx40 40 plates 168 €
B8LASHx10 10 plates 108 €
B8LASHx20 20 plates 124 €
B8LASHx30 30 plates 140 €
B8LASHx40 40 plates 156 €

Alfa Laval CB27

[20–200 kW] The SWEP B10 (B10T, B10TH, IC10, IC10T, IC10TH) heat exchanger is suitable for single-phase applications (water/water). Also as a condenser for heat pumps or evaporators. It is a classic plate brazed exchanger for small outputs, or for smaller heat exchanger stations, DHW heating, etc. Replacement for Alfa Laval CB20, CB26, CB27, CB30, Danfoss XB 10, PWO.

Plate heat exchanger B10T Plates count EUR|GBP
B10THx20 20 plates 142 €
B10THx30 30 plates 172 €
B10THx40 40 plates 200 €
B10THx50 50 plates 225 €
B10THx60 60 plates 255 €
B10THx70 70 plates 280 €


The all-stainless steel version of the SWEP B10 heat exchanger does not use copper or nickel solder. It is used only in special cases when copper and nickel solder is subject to corrosion (from free iron, distilled or demineralized water, acids). Also suitable where the exchanger is exposed to high temperatures.

All-stainless steel B10TSH Plates count EUR|GBP
B10TSHx20 20 plates 415 €
B10TSHx30 30 plates 485 €
B10TSHx40 40 plates 560 €
B10TSHx60 60 plates 660 €
B10TSHx80 80 plates 710 €

Alfa Laval CB30

[10–300 kW] The SWEP B12 heat exchanger has larger ports and is thus adapted for large flows. Also suitable for steam or air. For smaller heating stations, hot water heating, etc. For optimal efficiency, it is available with H, L and M channel (SWEP B12H, SWEP B12L, SWEP B12MT). Replacement for Alfa Laval CB20, CB26, CB27, CB30, Danfoss XB 04, Danfoss XB 12.

Plate heat exchanger B12 Plates count EUR|GBP
B12x20 20 plates 155 €
B12x30 30 plates 179 €
B12x40 40 plates 210 €
B12x50 50 plates 240 €
B12x60 60 plates 265 €
B12x70 70 plates 290 €


[40–300 kW] The B16 series is specially designed for water/water applications. SWEP B16 (B16H, IC16) is suitable for heating and hot water (smaller heating stations), oil cooling, etc. Replacement for Danfoss XB 30, PWO.

Plate heat exchanger B16H Plates count EUR|GBP
B16Hx40 40 plates 265 €
B16Hx50 50 plates 300 €
B16Hx60 60 plates 330 €
B16Hx70 70 plates 370 €
B16Hx80 80 plates 400 €
B16Hx90 90 plates 430 €
B16Hx100 100 plates 465 €


SWEP B26H has an asymmetrical channel arrangement and is especially suitable as an R410A condenser for heat pumps. The B26FH version has no channels around the F3 port and is thus more resistant to freezing. Replacement for Alfa Laval AC40.

Plate condenser B26H Plates count EUR|GBP
B26Hx14 14 plates 152 €
B26FHx18 18 plates 172 €
B26Hx20 20 plates 168 €
B26Hx24 24 plates 180 €
B26FHx32 32 plates 215 €
B26Hx34 34 plates 210 €

Alfa Laval CB52

SWEP B25 (B25T, B25TH, IC25, IC25TH) serves a large range of capacities for water/water applications (1P-SC-S). SWEP B25 is suitable as a condenser (1P-SC-M) for higher capacities, for example for condensing units in refrigeration equipment, for heat pumps and so on. Replacement for Alfa Laval CB51, CB52, CB60, Danfoss XB 36, Danfoss XB 37, PWO.

Plate exchanger B25T Plates count EUR|GBP
B25THx10 10 plates 155 €
B25THx20 20 plates 199 €
B25THx30 30 plates 240 €
B25THx40 40 plates 270 €
B25THx50 50 plates 325 €
B25THx60 60 plates 360 €


[50–300 kW] The SWEP B28 series (B28H, IC28, IC28H) is used where B16 is not sufficient. Designed primarily for water/water applications. SWEP B28 is suitable for heating stations, DHW heating, heating. It is also suitable as a plate hydraulic oil cooler. Replacement for Alfa Laval CB51, CB52, CB60, Regulus DV503, PWO.

Plate exchanger B28H Plates count EUR|GBP
B28x36 36 plates 255 €
B28x46 46 plates 295 €
B28x56 56 plates 330 €
B28x66 66 plates 370 €
B28x76 76 plates 405 €
B28x86 86 plates 440 €
B28x96 96 plates 480 €
B28x106 106 plates 520 €


The SWEP V80 (V80H) evaporator is developed for a range of approximately 30 to 100 kW. This covers most industrial applications where an evaporator is required (air conditioning, refrigeration and freezing units, industrial refrigerators). Replacement for Alfa Laval AC70, AC72, AC73, AC74.

Plate evaporator V80H Plates count EUR|GBP
V80Hx30 30 plates 280 €
V80Hx40 40 plates 330 €
V80Hx50 50 plates 375 €
V80Hx60 60 plates 425 €
V80Hx70 70 plates 470 €


SWEP B80 (B80H) is designed for smaller refrigeration applications and for large heat pumps. It is mainly used as a condenser. It has lower pressure losses than B85H, B86H, so it is suitable for larger water flows. Replacement for Alfa Laval CB62, AC72, AC73, AC74.

Plate heat exchanger B80H Plates count EUR|GBP
B80x30 30 plates 260 €
B80x40 40 plates 310 €
B80x50 50 plates 345 €
B80x60 60 plates 385 €
B80x70 70 plates 430 €

Velikost B80

The all-stainless steel version of the SWEP B80 heat exchanger does not use copper or nickel solder. It is used only in special cases when copper and nickel solder is subject to corrosion (e.g. from free iron, distilled or DEMI water, acids) or where the exchanger is exposed to high temperatures.

All-stainless steel exchanger B80SH Plates count EUR|GBP
B80SHx20 20 plates £525
B80SHx30 30 plates £600
B80SHx40 40 plates £675
B80SHx50 50 plates £745
B80SHx60 60 plates £820
B80SHx80 80 plates £525
B80SHx100 100 plates £980
B80SHx140 140 plates £1,480


SWEP B85 (B85H) is a highly efficient heat exchanger for high performance. It is equipped with larger ports and designed for higher pressures than other exchangers. It is often used as a condenser for large heat pumps and larger refrigeration applications. Replacement for Alfa Laval CB62, AC112, AC120, AC220.

Plate heat exchanger B85H Plates count EUR|GBP
B85Hx20 20 plates 196 €
B85Hx30 30 plates 235 €
B85Hx40 40 plates 270 €
B85Hx50 50 plates 305 €
B85Hx60 60 plates 340 €
B85Hx80 80 plates 410 €
B85Hx100 100 plates 480 €


[50–600 kW] Size SWEP B35 (B35H, IC35, B35T, B35TH, B35TM) is ideal for many applications in district heating, heat recovery, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, combined heat and power, as an industrial oil cooler or steam heat exchanger. SWEP B35 is the perfect choice for efficient heat exchange with low pressure drop. Also available in a version with wider holes for use with large flow rates. Replacement for Alfa Laval CB110, CB112, Danfoss XB 51, Danfoss XB 52, PWO.

Plate heat exchanger B35H Plates count EUR|GBP
B35x20 20 plates 630 €
B35x30 30 plates 700 €
B35x40 40 plates 770 €
B35x50 50 plates 840 €
B35x60 60 plates 900 €
B35x80 80 plates 1,120 €
B35x100 100 plates 1,280 €
B35x120 120 plates 1,430 €


The SWEP B120 series (B120T, B120TH, IC120) was developed mainly for industrial applications where it is necessary to transfer high power in a water/water or water/oil system. SWEP B120T is also used as a condenser in refrigeration and air conditioning. Replacement for Alfa Laval CB76, CB77, Danfoss XB 59, Danfoss XB 61, Regulus DV800, PWO.

Plate heat exchanger B120T Plates count EUR|GBP
B120THx40 40 plates 660 €
B120THx50 50 plates 740 €
B120THx60 60 plates 820 €
B120THx70 70 plates 890 €
B120THx80 80 plates 970 €
B120THx90 90 plates 1,040 €
B120THx100 100 plates 1,110 €
B120THx120 120 plates 1,270 €


Series SWEP B50 (B50H, B50M, B50L, IC50) is used mainly in industrial applications and in heating stations, where it is necessary to transfer high power. Also as a steam exchanger (steam/water) or plate oil cooler (oil/water).

Plate heat exchanger B50H Plates count EUR|GBP
B50Hx80 80 plates 1,590 €
B50Hx100 100 plates 1,790 €
B50Hx120 120 plates 1,990 €
B50Hx160 160 plates 2,400 €
B50Hx180 180 plates 2,550 €
B50Hx200 200 plates 2,900 €


SWEP B427 series (B427H, B427M, B427L, IC427) is mainly used in industrial applications and in district heating stations where high power transmission is required. It is availabale in several versions: SWEP B427H, B427L, B427M, so the user can optimize performance and pressure losses. Replacement for Alfa Laval CB400, Danfoss XB 66.

Plate heat exchanger B427 Plates count EUR|GBP
B427Hx120 120 plates 3,000 €
B427Hx140 140 plates 3,200 €
B427Hx160 160 plates 3,400 €
B427Hx180 180 plates 3,600 €
B427Hx200 200 plates 3,800 €
B427Hx240 240 plates 4,200 €
B427Hx280 280 plates 4,600 €

Other plate heat exchangers from the SWEP catalogue, e.g.

  • B56 (B56H),
  • B60 (B60H),
  • B57 (B57H),
  • B320 (B320HTH, B320LTH, B320LTL, B320HT, B320LT),
  • B439 (B439H, B439M; replacement for Danfoss XB 70),
  • B500 (B500T, B500TH, B500TM; replacement for Alfa Laval CB400),
  • B65 (B65H, B65M, B65L),
  • DB300 (DBD300, DBD300H, formerly DB200, DBD200, DBD200H, DB47, DBD47; replacement for Alfa Laval AC130, AC230, AC232, AC240),
  • DB400 (DBD400, DBD400H, formerly DB58, DBD58; replacement for Alfa Laval AC250, AC350, AC500, AC502),
  • DB500 (DBD500, DBD500M; replacement for Alfa Laval AC1000),
  • V200T (V200TH),
  • S500 (S500TM)
etc. we value on demand.

Prices of selected gasketed stainless steel plate heat exchangers ARES (others on request):
Gasketed heat exchanger ARES Plates count EUR|GBP
A1Sx30 30 plates 620 €
A1Sx40 40 plates 700 €
A1Lx55 55 plates 1,200 €
A2Mx45 45 plates 1,450 €
A2Mx91 91 plates 1,950 €
A4Sx103 103 plates 3,350 €
A4Mx33 33 plates 3,050 €
A4Sx249 249 plates 6,100 €

Replacements of gasketed plate heat exchangers
ARES unit replaces unit(s)
Alfa Laval M3, Danfoss XG10
Alfa Laval TL3, Danfoss XGM032
Alfa Laval AQ2, Alfa Laval M6, Danfoss XGM050
Alfa Laval TL6
Alfa Laval TS6
Alfa Laval AQ4
Alfa Laval TL10
Alfa Laval TS20
Alfa Laval AQ6
Alfa Laval AQ8
Alfa Laval TS35